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Santa Ana helps pilot SMART Program to address homelessness

Providing outreach and engagement

Santa Ana, Calif.- Santa Ana's newly-formed SMART program, (Santa Ana Multi-Disciplinary Response Teams), is a pilot program between the City of Santa Ana and City Net. This program is our newest effort to provide trauma informed care services to address homelessness within the City.

Santa Ana has had a strong and successful relationship with City Net for several years and it is through this program that the City expects to expand and enhance outreach efforts.

Should you have a concern or complaint regarding homelessness, need help or are requesting help for a person currently experiencing homelessness, please call (714) 242-3706 or report it online via the mySantaAna app.

The team works 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week and is made up of outreach workers, case managers, substance abuse professionals, mental health clinicians, nurse practitioners and plain-clothes, private safety officers.

Live dispatch

The team also manages a dedicated, live dispatch/call center to answer calls from residents and businesses related to homeless concerns, as well as calls redirected from police and fire dispatch.

The goal of SMART is to provide more effective outreach and engagement while better utilizing city resources through a diversion of homeless calls from the Santa Ana Police Department and Orange County Fire Authority. The City's QOLT (Quality of Life Teams), along with Code Enforcement and Public Works, stand ready to assist on any homeless calls where additional support is needed.

Law enforcement

Law Enforcement will now focus on calls that require a public safety response or involve criminal activity.

SMART will address all non-emergency homeless calls in an effort to increase outreach focused on providing services, addressing mental health and helping more individuals transition out of homelessness.

If you have a complaint or concern regarding homelessness, please submit your issue via:

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