Buddhist Temples in Santa Ana

Buddhist Temples

Representing the Sangha

Santa Ana, Calif.- Did you know that Santa Ana has several Buddhist temples? This month's Lunar New Year (Tet) celebration is the most important festival of the lunar year at Buddhist temples, which families visit for prayer and meditation.

Buddhist Temples or Pagodas represent the Sangha, which means the monastic order of Buddhism that practices the teaching expounded by the Buddha. Most of the Vietnamese Buddhist temples in Santa Ana are non-profit and religious organizations that are the Sangha to promote the faith of Buddhism.

3 largest Vietnamese Buddhist temples

Bao Quang, Hue Quang and Bat Nha are the three largest Vietnamese Buddhist temples in Santa Ana.

Hue Quang Temple

Located at 4918 W. Westminster Ave., Hue Quang Temple was formed in 1982. The temple serves and welcomes everyone that is interested in learning about Buddhism and helping others.

Bao Quang Temple

Bao Quang Temple was started in the 2000s by the former abbot, Master Thich Quang Thanh. He was not only the abbot, but also the maker and keeper of the 2-acre temple campus on Newhope Street in Santa Ana.

Chua Bat Nha Temple

Chua Bat Nha Temple has been in Santa Ana for over 20 years. The temple was moved to the current location at 4717 W. First St. in 2013.

Explore additional Buddhist Temples in Santa Ana and throughout Southern California.

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