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Mountain Lion reported in Laguna Beach

Mountain Lion

Near Catalina and Calliope Streets

Laguna Beach, Calif. – The City of Laguna Beach received reports on the evening of May 8 around 11:30 p.m. that male mountain lion "M317" was spotted within in the City of Laguna Beach near Catalina and Calliope Streets.

The animal was then seen by Laguna Beach Police officers in the 600 block of S. Coast Highway between Cleo and Legion Streets at approximately 1:30 a.m.

In all sightings, including last evening, M317 has shown an appropriate fear of humans.

Since April 25, the researcher-tracked animal has been in the Aliso Woods Canyon area. The City is working with partner agencies including OC Parks and University of California Davis researchers to continue to monitor the animal's whereabouts.

Residents should remember the following safety tips for mountain lions and other wildlife

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don't walk alone, bring a friend.
  • Wear bright and highly contrasting clothing.
  • Watch for signs and trail postings.
  • Avoid jogging or mountain biking in low-light conditions at dusk and dawn.
  • Stay on the trail.
  • Supervise children and keep them within arm's reach.
  • Keep pets on a secure leash.
  • Keep pets indoors.
  • Don't approach any wild animal.
  • Give wildlife the time and space to steer clear of you.
  • If you see a mountain lion, try to look as large as you can and do not crouch down.

Mountain lions are helpful in maintaining order in our ecosystem and assist to keep other wildlife numbers in check. If you see a mountain lion, report the sighting immediately to Laguna Beach Police at (949) 497-0701.

For more information on mountain lions, visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

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