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Frontier Internet Services Upgrades in Laguna Beach

Frontier Fiber2Home Project

Laguna Beach, Calif.- HP Communications, Inc. & Lineworks Construction will be accessing existing manholes, handholes and poles, installing new cables on existing aerial cables, and installing in-ground hubs to complete fiber optic cable placement to modernize Frontier services in the City of Laguna Beach to provide up-to 1 GB internet service and continued phone service.

Project Areas

• Laguna Canyon Road and neighborhoods along it
• North Laguna
• Areas between Downtown and Alta Vista Way neighborhood

Work Timeline

• Date(s): Now through March 2022
• Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

What to Expect

  • There may be traffic lane and sidewalk closures.
  • You may not be able to enter/exit your driveway or garage temporarily. Please see notes on your notice if you may be directly impacted by restricted driveway access.
  • New cables will be installed on existing aerial facilities, as well as new terminals. These cables will range in size of approximately ¾ of an inch in diameter to as small as approximately ¼ of an inch flat cable tails with a terminal mounted on existing poles.
    • During construction you will notice coils of fiber optic cables coiled up at poles in the community as pictured in Figure 1.This is only a temporary situation.
    • When the work is complete those coils will be put in a case and it will be attached to the existing cables. When the job is complete everything will look neat and organized.
    • You may also notice cables in a roller between poles as well but that will also be "lashed up to the existing cables for a clean orderly appearance like in Figure 2.
  • You may see new boxes being placed in the ground in various locations in the public right-of-way. This is in effort to avoid having new equipment being placed above ground.

If you are interested in knowing if your address qualifies for Frontier® FiberOptic service, contact 877-436-0325 (residential), 877-414-1311 (business), or visit https://www.getfrontierfiber.com/ for more information.

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