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Buena Park road repairs and closures July 7-13

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Buena Park, Calif.- The 2021-2022 Slurry Seal Project is underway beginning Thursday, July 7 and will be complete Wednesday, July 13 for the following areas.

  • North of Peak Park and south of the 91 Fwy between Knott Ave. and Western Ave.
  • Kingman Ave., north of 9th Street and 8th Street from Kingman Ave. to the cul-de-sac.

Extending the life of the streets

The slurry seal coat is beneficial in extending the life of the streets. Residents of these tracts may have noticed the crews working to prepare the road already. On the day of the slurry seal, residential streets may be closed to all vehicles for a short time. Residents can help ensure the success of this project by refraining from parking on the streets on the appropriate days, and refraining from driving on the slurry seal until it cures (approximately 4 hours after application).

Different areas and streets will be closed each day of the project. The project timeline is as follows:

  • Thursday, July 7 closures:
    • El Chino Circle, El Cedro Circle, McNeil Way, El Tomaso Way, El Verano Drive from Knott to El Monte, El Monte Drive from El Verano to El Tomaso
  • Friday, July 8 closures:
    • Kimgman Ave. from 9th to 8th, 8th Street from Kingman to cul-de-sac, El Camino Circle, El Centro Way, El Vino Way, El Cerro Drive from El Cortez to Western, El Verano Drive from El Monte to Western
  • Monday, July 11 closures:
    • El Veloz Way, El Redondo Circle, El Cerro Drive from El Cerro/Knott Frontage to El Cortez, El Campo Circle from El Cerro to El Cortez, El Cerro Drive from El Verano to El Viento, El Monte Drive from El Tomaso to El Redondo
  • Wednesday, July 13 closures:
    • El Prado Way, El Cortez Circle, El Viento Way, El Cerro Drive/Knott Frontage Road from El Verano to El Cerro, El Campo Circle from El Verano to El Cortez

Reference the image below to determine which days are scheduled for each street/area of the project. 

If you have any questions about this slurry seal project, please call (714) 562-3670.


Buena Park road closures map

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