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New California laws part 8

New California Laws

Impact Series: New California Laws

Sacramento, Calif.- Impact series continues with part 8 in New California laws for 2022 includes air quality, mental health services, wildfires, product safety, domestic violence, COVID-19 and more.

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 8

AB-611 Safe at Home program: homeowners' associations.
AB-614 Wildlife habitat: birds.
AB-615 Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act: procedures relating to employee termination or discipline.
AB-619 Air quality.
AB-623 State-designated fairs: district agricultural associations: farmers' markets: California Apple Commission.
AB-624 Juveniles: transfer to court of criminal jurisdiction: appeals.
AB-625 State Public Defender: indigent defense: study.
AB-627 Recognition of tribal court orders: rights in retirement plans or deferred compensation.
AB-628 Breaking Barriers to Employment Initiative.
AB-633 Partition of real property: Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act.
AB-634 Density Bonus Law: affordability restrictions.
AB-636 Financial abuse of elder or dependent adults.
AB-638 Mental Health Services Act: early intervention and prevention programs.
AB-640 Extended foster care: eligibility redetermination.
AB-642 Wildfires.
AB-643 Apprenticeship programs: career fairs.
AB-644 California MAT Re-Entry Incentive Program.
AB-651 Endowment care cemeteries: examination, investigation, and discipline.
AB-652 Product safety: juvenile products: chemicals: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances.
AB-653 Medication-Assisted Treatment Grant Program.
AB-654 COVID-19: exposure: notification.
AB-663 Corporations: electronic transmissions: bylaws: emergency powers.
AB-665 Care facilities: internet access.
AB-670 Child abuse or neglect: minor and nonminor dependent parents.
AB-673 Domestic violence.
AB-674 Dependent children: documents.
AB-680 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: California Jobs Plan Act of 2021.
AB-687 Joint powers authorities: Riverside County Housing Finance Trust.
AB-689 Comprehensive Statewide Domestic Violence Program.
AB-690 Marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: professional clinical counselors.

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