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New California Laws Part 10

New California Laws

Impact Series: New California Laws

Sacramento, Calif.- Impact series New California laws for 2022 Part 10 includes disability retirement, local educational boards, COVID-19 relief, voter registration, school nursing, and more.

consumer protection, warehouse distribution centers, perjury, deputy sheriffs, optometry and more..

For full text details and authorship regarding laws and the effective dates, please click on the bill number below for access to the California Legislature official releases.

California Laws 2022 – Part 10


AB-796 Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.
AB-798Vehicles: fire department: federally recognized tribes.
AB-803Starter Home Revitalization Act of 2021.
AB-804Free hunting days.
AB-807Bar pilots: pilotage rates.
AB-811Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting.
AB-815School nurses: credentialing.
AB-816Homelessness: Housing Trust Fund: housing projects.
AB-817Sport fishing licenses: electronic display: 12-consecutive-month licenses.
AB-818Solid waste: premoistened nonwoven disposable wipes.
AB-819California Environmental Quality Act: notices and documents: electronic filing and posting.
AB-824Local educational agencies: county boards of education: governing boards of school districts: governing bodies of charter schools: pupil members.
AB-825Personal information: data breaches: genetic data.
AB-829Foster children: immigration counsel and guardianship.
AB-830Business: Department of Consumer Affairs: licensed professions and vocations.
AB-831California Retail Food Code.
AB-832COVID-19 relief: tenancy: federal rental assistance.
AB-838State Housing Law: enforcement response to complaints.
AB-841Dependent children.
AB-843California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: renewable feed-in tariff: Bioenergy Market Adjusting Tariff program: community choice aggregators.
AB-844Green Empowerment Zone for the Northern Waterfront area of the County of Contra Costa.
AB-845Disability retirement: COVID-19: presumption.
AB-846Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting.
AB-849Skilled nursing facilities: intermediate care facilities: liability.
AB-850City property: sale of water utility property.
AB-855Judicial holidays.
AB-856Pupil health: COVID-19 Youth Health Information Act.
AB-861Mobilehome parks: rental restrictions: management.
AB-869State funds: investments.
AB-873Child welfare services: Indian tr

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